Creating My Dream Wardrobe – Step 1: Coming to Realisation & Planning My Next Steps.

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And here we are at the end of another week, I’ve got those Sunday blues and just not looking forward to Monday – Though I am only at work for 2 days next week as Al & I will be heading off to Dublin for a few days to see HAIM and Taylor Swift and I am SO excited!

I was originally going to do one of my usual ‘Sunday Series’ for today but I found there was a recurring theme and a bigger picture, so I really wanted to focus on that one thing; creating my dream wardrobe.

In the current world of social media, bloggers and vloggers I find myself always wanting to shop, to purchase things that I don’t actually really like but I want to be seen as ‘trend driven’, buying pieces when really its not part of my style and I am clearly just trying to be like other bloggers, and feeling the need to be shopping all the time so I can constantly produce new fashion content and keep up with the daily-changing trends but keeping within my budget – this normally means shopping in Primark and other such high-street stores because it is SO cheap and I can buy so much more for my money. But what has all of this really achieved? Just two clothing rails bursting with clothes that I don’t really want to wear and that I simply do not LOVE.

It wasn’t until I went into Cath Kidston to try on a couple of sale pieces and realised how GOOD I felt trying on their good-quality pieces and I simply fell in love. So I ended up leaving the store with 2 new dresses which I am utterly in love with and feel excited to wear. Even though the two dresses were in the sale they were still £55 each, and if I had spent the £110 in Primark I could have potential bought 10 new dresses; but would they have made me feel as good and confident? Probably not. Would they stay in my wardrobe for years to come? Definitely not. Would they make me feel inspired to get dressed every morning? very unlikely.

Remember that old saying; ‘It’s about quality over quantity’ – Well, that’s my new wardrobe mantra. I don’t need to be buying masses of new clothes every month, just a couple of good quality pieces that I love, will be enough and will help me create my dream wardrobe.

So, this may mean that every month I can only post 2 fashion posts, but thats okay – It’s actually silly for me to feel the need to keep up with actual full time bloggers who earn more than me and also get to work with brands on posts too (For me this is purely a hobby, and it is very unlikely that this will ever be my job, and I am okay with that so I need to stop putting this kind of pressure onto myself).

Okay, before this post rambles on too much further I just wanted to share with you my next few steps for creating my dream wardrobe:

  1. Before I get rid of what will probably be 60% of my wardrobe I need to start souring and purchasing new pieces, otherwise I’m going to be left with 2 dresses that I’ll have to wear every single day – and well, that’s just not ideal.

    Along with Cath Kidston, other stores I’ve been looking at include Monsoon, Joanie and Mango – I know these are all still technically high-street stores but I would say they’re at the mid to higher end of the high-street scale. Mango is looking to be my go-to for workwear pieces because they are the perfect mid-quality range as I don’t like to spend too much on my workwear pieces.

  2. Once I’ve got a good handful of pieces for both work and home then I will be de-cluttering my wardrobe in the most ruthless way – If I don’t LOVE it then it isn’t staying. I will be going into more detail of this when I get to the stay and it will be my ‘part 2’ of this mini-series.
  3. After that, It’ll be onto organising everything and working on a new shopping rhythm but again I’ll be saving this for another post in the series.

However, this doesn’t mean I won’t EVER shop in Primark again, don’t get my wrong they can actually do some great pieces for small seasonal updates, and their basics are great too. I do also think Primark is great for accessories and I am bag/shoe obsessed at the moment and tend to switch these up more so in my wardrobe. I will just be shopping there hopefully a lot less.

Have you come to a similar realisation in your life/wardrobe? If so let me know more in the comments below, and be sure to share with me any tips you have.

I am excited for this new wardrobe journey and creating a dream wardrobe full of clothing I am excited to wear.

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