Sunday Series Vol. 5

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of my ‘Sunday Series’ so I must admit it was a little difficult to narrow this down to just a few things that I’ve found/been loving recently, but here goes with my top five favourite recent bits and bobs…

  1. Noah & the Whale First Days of Spring vinyl – This album was originally released in 2009 and it was never released on vinyl but this May they finally released it and I was SO happy as it is one of my absolute favourite albums of all time. In fact it could easily be my number one. Not going to lie, when I first put the record on I had a little cry (gosh, I am such an emotional wreck!)
  2. Blogilates – I’ve been trying to fit in a little workout in the mornings and pilates has been my choice as I find it the right amount of challenging/fun and actually feel it working my body. Cassey who runs the channel as well as the blog is a brilliant teacher, has the most contagious energy and smile and really helps make the work out make me feel my best. She also has loads of printables and extras on her website which are super helpful too.
  3. Chocolate covered strawberries – I live in the New Forest and all of the locally grown strawberries are now in season and they are super delicious. Even though they are so delish on their own my favourite thing is to dip them in chocolate!
  4. Pinterest – I’ve been constantly on Pinterest for the past month and my current fashion inspo is Meghan Markle (of course, who’s isn’t she after that dreamy wedding) & Kate Middleton because her dress collection is perfect. However, my latest board is actually for Jean Shrimpton (60’s supermodel), I am honestly so obsessed with her right now – Her hair, fringe, makeup, style and just everything I adore!
  5. Zara – I feel like Zara have upped their game recently, actually who am I kidding they pretty much always have decent stuff in, but at the minute I am loving their dress collection and would recommend you check them out if you haven’t already, though I am sure you have.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 19.52.06


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