April Payday Wishlist

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Payday is literally around the corner for me and I am so pleased as I have very limited funds right now, pretty much like I do at the end of every month. But, never mind, let’s get straight into my payday wishlist…

One: I’ve had my eye on this floral, ruffled hem dress pretty much all the month but just haven’t managed to get to a Sainsbury’s to snap it up. (Yes, I said Sainsbury’s – I think supermarkets have really upped their game, I mean just look at this dress, it’s beautiful!) When I do get paid this is very high on my list. Though I have noticed online that it is sold out in all sizes apart from size 8 but I am hoping my local Sainsbury’s will have my size. I can imagine myself wearing this to a garden party or just for lunch or dinner this spring/summer.

Two: Now, I actually already own this pinafore in Black, but I love the fit, cut and design of it so much that I really want to pick it up in blue but I just haven’t been able to find it in store, which is why it’s back on my wishlist. Looks like I might have to order it online…

Three: Is it just me or does this playsuit give you all the Ali Hamilton vibes? – I adore all the vintage vibes this piece is giving me, and I know that when I wear it I won’t help but feel like I’m in a 40’s movie, or just Ali from The Notebook. I think this will be the perfect weekend piece, heading to the beach or simply looking chic when running errands. What do you think?

Four: Another item from Sainsbury’s but this time from their Premium Collection – If you haven’t looked at this collection I recommend you do as they always have really good pieces, perfect for work – and that’s exactly what I want this dress for. In my office at work there massive windows and when the weather warms up it basically turns into a green house and I think this dress will be perfect for those months as well as looking feminine. I haven’t  bought anything new for work in a while, so I think this dress is a must.

Five: I have fallen head-over-heels for this denim pinafore, I think the shape looks super flattering and I love the knee-length. This is definitely more of a summer piece for me but I’m eager to pick it up now. Denim items like this are always a real staple for me during the warmer months so I know I will get good use out of it which is why I want to get it before it sells out or they discontinue it.

Six: Another playsuit and another New Look piece. I’m really into New Look at the moment after about 3 years of not shopping there, I’m just really feeling their current season. This playsuit I love because it looks super feminine and perfect for evening dinners but would also double up as a work piece in the warmer months (depending on how short the shorts are). I really like the simple grey background and the cluster of florals – Simply, pretty and oh so darling!

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite piece(s) are, and what you’ve got your eye on?

P.s, how annoyed are you about Polyvore shutting down?! I am gutted!

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