Turning 23

Getting a year older is always a slightly scary thing; especially when you reach adult life and you realise just how far you have come from the old days at school and all the things you used to worry about then to who you are now. Though, with every new year I always try to look back on the positive and look forward to what could happen at this new age. 

Last year, I couldn’t wait to turn 22, I’d had enough of being 21 and I had good feelings about being the age of 22. One of the main reasons being, I could finally sing ‘I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-two, oooooh’! (Literally waited five years to be able to sing this song) – But I was right to have good feeling about turning 22 it was a wonderful year; I got my dream car, I got a promotion at work and I made some amazing memories, Al and I went to Cheltenham which we absolutely loved, we reached a milestone in our savings for a mortgage, I had lunch with Liz Earle and my MD, I went to some amazing gigs including The Vaccines only a few weeks ago, I worked on my confidence and made positive changes to my life. I really did enjoy being 22, it is definitely one of my favourite years, but I’m excited to see what the age of 23 brings! (Though I’m not a fan of odd numbers, so that’s already a very minor downside)

In the past year I have realised how grateful I am for my family and how close we really are. My sister moved out last year so I don’t get to see her every single day like I used too and I really did not consider how much I would miss her but I really do. She is so hilarious and I love her to pieces, but I am so happy to see her move in with her fiancé and just living such a lovely life. Plus, it makes it even more special when we all get together and go out for the day – I’m look forward to doing this even more this year. 

Going into the next age of my life, I want to work even more on my confidence and being happy with myself. I also want to focus a bit more on my career, in October it will be my 2 year anniversary at my current work and we’ll see what that brings I guess. Alex and I will be continuing to save for a mortgage and by October we should have reached our final milestone to purchase a flat so that is something I am really looking forward too. Though, we are now discussing whether to wait another year/year and a half so we could potentially afford something bigger but it all just depends on finances. There’s a lot waiting on this year, so it is going to be an exciting one and possibly one of a lot of changes, v. exciting! 

A few things I am looking forward to this summer include going to Dublin to see both HAIM and Taylor Swift, all in one week! And we also really want to plan a trip to Manchester, so if you have any recommendations for either of these places please do let me know as I would love to hear them. 

Thanks for stopping by, and here’s to getting a year older (and hopefully wiser!)

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