New In: Pink Blazer & Straw Tote

On the weekend we finally got some sunshine, even if it was just for one day, meaning I could finally get out and shoot some new content for my blog – Happy days!

With the weather being so up and down it’s hard to decide what to wear and I know we’re all in the same position every morning when looking into our wardrobes; do we take a risk and dress for the season or do we be sensible and actually dress for the likeliness of rain and coldness? Well, as I have mentioned previously, over the past month or so I have been trying to inject spring aspects to my outfit but still be dressed fairly suitable for the weather.

With pastels being huge once again this spring and my true love for pastel shades, I have been hunting for the perfect pastel layering pieces for this limbo-weather and when I stumbled across this beautiful pink blazer in Primark of all places, I knew I had found the answer to my prayers.

The blazer is in a beautiful pink shade and adds the perfect pop of spring colour to my outfit as well as adding another layer of warmth – Just what I needed! I love how this looks simply paired with jeans, a tee, brogues and a statement bag, I find it to be the perfect casual outfit for the weekend.

The second piece I wanted to talk about is this oh so beautiful circle straw bag from Zara which I have fallen head-over-heels for! I got it for my birthday last week from Al and I honestly cannot stop thinking about it, I want to wear it with every single outfit. It’s the perfect medium size to fit essentials (purse, phone, sun glasses, notebook, and even a small bottle of water), its easy to carry and the handkerchiefs wrapped around it add the perfect quirky-ness and pop of colour – Can you tell how much I adore it? (I couldn’t find this exact one on their website, but they do have a few others which are lovely!) Th quality is great and it wasn’t too pricey either, winner!

The quality of the blazer itself isn’t great, it is rather thin but it only cost £17 so I really cannot complain! And, that also makes it the best piece for layering underneath, so overall I think it works well for its purpose as well as looking perfectly chic, especially with silver hardware detailing on the buttons.

What have been your go-to pieces so far this spring?


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