Hello March

March may have started off on a rather snowy note, but today it has all started to melt and traditional March, spring weather is starting to creep back in, and I am SO ready for it.

I enjoyed February because firstly, it is a nice short month after the horrible longness of January; payday comes around so much quicker, you start to see a slight change in weather and shops start to get all of their new spring pieces in, all the fashion mags are talking about the new spring trends and it all just gets me so excited!

Now that March is here that also means spring for me and before each new season I take to my wardrobe and give it a good old sort out, a massive purge and basically a massive spring clean. It always feels so good to do it and to be honest I always look forward to it. Though with that said, spring and autumn is always a smaller clear out as the weather is still up and down and we don’t see the dramatic changes until summer or winter are fully settled in.

Once I’ve cleared out my wardrobe, I make a list on my phone, a Pinterest board, a wishlist and a few mental notes of the pieces and trends I wish to add to my wardrobe for the new season. If you’ve already read my February payday wishlist then you will already know a few of the bits I am lusting over – If you haven’t then you can do so here.

So, what else am I looking forward to this month? Firstly, I cannot wait to snap my first pic of a blossom tree (and for them to be drowning my Instagram feed), obviously the new trends that will grace the shops, brighter, sunnier and longer days, all the spring blooms which will be filling my home. One thing I am looking at continuing into March is something I am slowly working on this year which is myself. I’m trying to find more confidence, more happiness and generally just do what I want to to do, wear what I want and only be around people who bring me true happiness.

What are you looking forward to this month?


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