Feeling like Veronica Lodge







Veronica Lodge is one of the main characters from my current favourite show: Riverdale. And as much as Betty Cooper is my absolute favourite main gal, I couldn’t help but feel like Veronica Lodge in this outfit.

The skirt is the main focus point of the outfit and the main reason it makes me feel like Veronica because. 1. the colour is her signature shade and 2. she always wears pearl detailing and 3. her go-to style is always smart and chic.

I’ve paired this beautiful pearl embellished skirt with one of my new jumper from Zara featuring delicate pearl detailing along the sleeves which I just adore! The pale pink shade against makes the purple really pop and look its best, which I think is super important with a statement skirt like this.

As for accesories you’re probably all sick of seeing these Topshop Jolene shoes everywhere, but I honestly can’t stop wearing mine as they make me feel like I’m in the 60’s and who wouldn’t want to feel like that! The bag is a newbie from Primark and is perfect for shopping days when you don’t need to carry a tote/handbag too. I also fell in love with the colours and for £8, I couldn’t really say no.

Do you have any items of clothing that make you feel like a character you love?

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 19.52.06


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