August payday wishlist

Autumn wishlist



My loves, the last day of August is tomorrow and that means it really will be the start of autumn on Friday!

With that in mind and pay day on the horizon (tomorrow, finally!) I’m ready to shop for autumnal pieces; i’m talking roll necks, boots, coats, blazers and everything that symbolises autumn to me.

I’ve been searching the websites of some of my favourite high-street stores to bring you my top picks for September and the start of autumn.

With the rise of millennial pink trend in softer and deeper tones I’m naturally levitating towards this colour for September, pair either of the dresses with the fedora hat from River Island and a pair of cute nude/grey boots and you’re onto a winner.

I wear loafers all year round but the last time I bought a really decent pair was a few years ago from H&M’s more luxury shoe range. I think they were about £50 and this season I am on the hunt for another decent pair that fit perfect, are comfortable and look great with all my day-to-day outfits.

The bag in the top corner is that dreamy pearl studded bag from Topshop, as I was creating this wishlist on the weekend it was in stock but now it is out of stock for the second time since it was released, not fair! I hope it’s back in stock on the weekend at my local Topshop as I’ll be heading out to gather these pieces (and more)!

From my post the other week you know I’m all for transitioning Mary-janes into the next season and I may have just fallen in love with the nude ones above from ASOS.

Now, I probably don’t need another pair of black boots. I have god knows how many from previous years that I still wear and like but the truth is I have never found a pair that I LOVE. For me I really struggle to find a pair that is super comfy, the perfect height and look great, but this year I am on the hunt and not settling for anything less! Know any brands great for comfy winter boots? Let me know.

What pieces are you looking to pic up this payday?


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