Transitional essential; Mary-Janes

The end of August is fast approaching and autumn is on it’s way. Even though the weather has started to pick up again here in England, I’ll be surprised if it lasts! With this in mind I’m starting to pick out my transitional pieces that will take me through to autumn and even winter.

This summer a trend I have absolutely falling in love with is block heel Mary Janes and the sling-back. These types of shoes have that classic feel to them which I just simply adore. With a modern-vintage vibe and Chanel-esque designs these shoes I will most-definitely be wearing throughout autumn.

Primark sling-backs in nude | Topshop Mary Janes in black | Topshop Mary Janes in white 



I also find these shoes to be rather versatile, as someone who like to dress smart-casual all the time I am always looking for the perfect accessories to dress up my outfits on my ‘dress down’ days (if that makes any sense at all) – Basically if I throw on my old blue jeans and a grey tee, all I have to do is add a pair of these beautiful block heels and a trench coat and I look more dressed up than I actually feel!

With that said they pair perfectly with my favourite dresses – Buying the two Topshop pairs was definitely the best idea, if the black pair don’t work with the outfit then 9 times out of 10 the white ones will look super chic.

They are all also really comfortable and make easy wear for day-to-day activities. Tiptop also have these in pink with black toe cap but I’m trying to be good and hold back because, do I really need another pair?! (maybe!)

What pieces are you excited to dress for autumn?



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