Hello darlings and welcome back

Last weekend Al and I took a day trip to Bath for a little retail therapy. Whilst I was there I did a little skincare shop in The Body Shop as I’m trying to use more natural products where I can.

I am also trying to keep up a good skincare routine as I believe its important for everyday goodness.

Here’s what I picked up and my first impressions:





  1. Camomile gentle eye make-up remover – This product is great for sensitive skin and eye, however I’ve found it to not be very affective at removing my eye make-up. I usually use a hot cloth cleanser suitable for eyes and face and it melts my makeup away in a matter of minutes. Though I think this one will be a great alternative to using make up wipes on my lazy days!
  2. Seaweed cleansing facial wash – I had never used a seaweed based product before this, so was excited to give it a go. I found this cleanser to be really nice on my skin and left it feeling clean, soft and rejuvenated – Perfect!
  3. Tea tree night lotion – Designed to provide a light hydration for blemished skin throughout the night, whilst controlling excess oil and sebum. Infused with their organic pure tea tree oil, this lotion will help to keep blemished skin under control and help fade the appearance of blemishes – I suffer with redness and the odd spot, so was really excited about this product. I’ve used it for the past few nights and so far I am loving it. I can feel it adding a layer of hydration to my skin and in the morning my skin feels different. It feels healthier and looks better already. I would highly recommend!

Do you have any beauty products you can’t live without?

Thanks for stopping by!




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