A very happy Sunday to you all

As every new month comes around I like to reflect on the one that’s passed and the one that has just started.

As every month so far this year, June as flown by and here’s a quick summary of what I’ve loved from it…

We have had some beautiful weather – Now, autumn and spring always battle it our for my favourite season but I must admit there is something special about the first few days of hot British weather. This June we’ve had some very delicious BBQ’s, including tonight. The family have gathered together for numerous lunches in the garden of one of our go-to pubs. And of course, it’s picnic season which is one of mine and Al’s favourite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon! The start of June also sees the start of strawberry season and this year they have been extra tasty.

For July I’m excited to continue these summer traditions as well as seeing all of our Hydrangeas bloom around the garden – They are looking so beautiful this weekend. I haven’t got any plans for this month but it’s looking bright and beautiful so far!

I wish you all a relaxing evening before heading back to work tomorrow – Speak soon.


2 thoughts on “HELLO JULY

  1. When someone projects positivity out into the world it helps someone in the other corner of the world.
    Good Job with your work.
    May the brightness shine within and outside.
    Your wish of having good day for others is very much appreciated.

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