Hello December

Hurrah! We have made it to the last month of 2016 and what a crazy year it has been (though i’ll save all that memorable chit chat for an end of year post!)

I swear I say this for every hello monthly post but November has flown by. I have now been a junior marketing assistant for 2 MONTHS!! I have learnt so much and can honestly say I have a lot more to learn but hopefully I’ll get better and better as time goes on. I am enjoying the work but sometimes worry that i’m just not quite good enough, d’know what I mean? I understand that I am still new and it is my first proper adult job, I just wish I could pick things up straight away and always to a fantastic job. I guess my aspirations are just a bit too high and unreasonable – typical me!

Other than work I haven’t really done a lot in my spare time other than eat and sleep as I find it rather exhausting. On the weekends I’ve mainly been doing a bit of shopping and spending time with family. At the beginning of the month to celebrate bonfire night the fam gathered around a big ol’ bonfire with some amazing food and drink and it was such a lovely evening – especially as it was after a long day at work!

I always feel so excited when December arrives, I love everything this month bring and as I said in a previous post I just love the last 3 months of the year – they are the best!! I’m super excited for Christmas, I mean let’s be honest, who isn’t? I love spending time with my family and the festive spirit. I love all festive food (or just all food all year round) and the Christmassy drinks in Costa. And I’m one of those that loves a fresh start in the new year. I cannot wait to get new diary, calendar and stationery. New wardrobe, make up, perfume, skincare and JUST EVERYTHING. I could go on and on I swear!

I really do hope December it is magical for you all – ‘make it a December to remember’ – enjoy the last few weeks of 2016 and relish in the last month to prepare for 2017 to make it an even better, happier year.


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