Hello October

Featured Image via: fallenamongstthestars.tumblr.com • Edited by myself

Today I am giving October the BIGGEST welcome. I am honestly so so so happy that it is here as it holds my favourite autumnal traditions. It’s the month where you really feel the shift in weather, all those jumpers you’ve been buying in September can finally be worn, and those boots you’ve been eyeing up can now be bought without any guilt.

For myself, September has absolutely flown by and I have some really special memories from it; At the end of August/beginning of September I spent a couple of great evenings with old friends and I honestly cannot wait to catch up with them again.

Al and I spent some time in Brighton which was lovely as it gave us time away and to ourselves. We indulged in all the foods, did a lot of retail therapy and just really enjoyed each others company.

As for October, I will be starting my new job!! Yes that’s right, I have a sparkly new job which I am VERY excited (and completely nervous) to start. It’s for a group of hotels (and one pub) in the New Forest and I’ll be their Junior Marketing Assistant (how posh and grown up does that sound?!) I am so grateful to have landed this opportunity and really want to get stuck in!

This month will also see me finaaaaaally graduate!! I finished university months and months ago but we just graduate rather late. I’m not overly excited for this event as I hate the idea of walking on stage etc but nonetheless I am going. To be honest, I just can’t wait to get it over and done with and say goodbye to university forever!!

Heres to a month filled with cozy evenings in, crisp mornings, fresh starts & full to the brim with inspiration, happiness and (hopefully) success! ✌🏻️🎃🍁❤️ 


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