Hello September • 2016

I know this is a few days late and I can’t actually remember the last time I wrote one of these hello monthly’s and there is a reason for that; I feel like I can’t just have a post that is just words and like a little chat, I feel as if I must always include photographs or make it look nice and to a standard. But I’ve finally got over that and remembered why I started this blog and that was so I could have an outlet to share whatever I wanted to in whichever way I wanted to. So expect some more chatty posts with little or no imagery!

I am SO HAPPY September is here. If you know me then you will know I am one of the BIGGEST LOVERS of Autumn and winter and everything that comes within these months. There is honestly so so soooo much that I am looking forward too and I’m feeling pretty positive.

August has been a bit different for me and I have enjoyed it, it has been rather chilled and thats ok but I am ready for a busier month! August also saw me start my YouTube channel which I am reaaaallly happy that I did. I have been enjoying making videos so much. If you have been watching my videos then THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I really hope September is chilled, colourful and simply wonderful for you all! Here’s to a new, fresh and lovely month!


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