Wishlist: August ’16

August wishlist


It has been a wee lil while since I’ve done a wishlist post and I don’t know why because they are my favourite to put together and share with you all! So, without further-a-do let’s get into this August wishlist:

  1. I have been lusting over this blouse ever since seeing it on Liv from whatoliviadid.com. It is so chic and so pretty and I just reaaaaaally need it!
  2. The Laura Mercier translucent powder is a product which I swear eeeevery single YouTuber/beauty blogger RAVES about, and I am yet to try it. I think I might have to ‘accidently’ order it after writing this…haha!
  3. These pyjamas are another item which every blogger seems to own, because, well, look at them, who wouldn’t want cactus print pyjamas!!!! I want them so so so bad but they’re just a bit out of my price range at the minute and I already own masses of PJs.
  4. These ripped Mom style jeans from Topshop have been on my wishlist for a while, and the reason I haven’t given in and bought them is because I already own a billion pairs of jeans! But if I can find some similar dupes in Primark or something then I may just purchase ’em.
  5. This skirt is also from Topshop and it is to.die.for!! I honestly, cannot express how much I am in love with this skirt. I am so into the whole embroidery trend right now and this skirt is too cute. So hopefully I’ll get my hands on it soon!
  6. This lipgloss, ‘Martha Moo’ by Tanya Burr is the one lipgloss on everyone’s radar at the moment and it is SOLD OUT everywhere. I really want to try it and I just cannot seem to find it anywhere! But I will…hopefully!
  7. Lastly is this super duper cute candle from H&M. I simply adore the palm print and think it is just the perfect summery vibe to add to any room.What is currently on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments!


P.s. Over on my YouTube channel I’m doing a series of ‘get to know me’ videos for 5 days! You can check the first one out here Get To Know Me: Day 1 | Sam Oxborrow


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