Adventure: Exbury Gardens / Summer 16

Welcome back!

On the weekend Al and I headed out on another adventure to somewhere both of us had never been before; Exbury Gardens. It was only a 30 minute drive from where we live which was so nice and we managed to get there so early that we were the 1st ones in! Keen beans or what?!

So basically, as you’ve more than likely guessed from the name of the place, it is just a maaaaaassive gardens/woodlands full to the absolute brim with beautiful plants and flowers and greenery. To say i was IN LOVE would be a complete and utter understatement!!!

(Please be warned, I took rather a lot of photographs and narrowed it down to 18 photos…I do apologise but I just couldn’t take anymore away! I also didn’t edit any of them because I liked them just the way they are!)





They also had a little steam railway/train which we didn’t go on but Al couldn’t resist sitting down on this cute little stop!

When walking around I felt lost the whole time, if I was there by myself I don’t think I would have managed to find the exit at the end, honestly this place is huuuuuge. They even give you a map when you first go in!! Luckily, Alex understands maps and I just looked at him in amazement every time he navigated us.




OKAY, so, the BEST BIT EVER was the ‘Hydrangea Walk’ – Yes you read that right, a whole entire walk filled with the most beautiful Hydrangeas!!! I was so excited that i just had to have a lil photoshoot with them. Yes, I got some weird looks but did I care? NO! I honestly loved it so so so much. The ladies who worked there said we came at the right time ’cause they were all in perfect bloom, and oh my was she right. Alex had to basically drag me away! We even ate our picnic right next to them at lunch time.







Below are photographs from a mini garden within the gardens which I just fell in love with. It was so beautifully created and we just sat in there for yonks! I want to go back next year in the spring so I can see the wisteria in full bloom.






Along one part is a river walk which was also so wonderful. We sat down on every bench along the way taking in the sea-salty air and watching the boats heading in and out to sea.

I just had the best day here, Al said I was completely in my element and I could not stop smiling haha – he also loved it too.

Hope your week has been glorious!


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