Summer Lovin’: Essie Nail Polish

Essie Nail Polish • Summer '16


First things first, I just want to express how HARD it was to try and take my own photos of these 3 nail polishes!!! I spent aaaaages trying to get the right angle with the right amount of light, but not too much so that it glares and I just could not do it. Yes, I gave in! Anyway, thank god for Polyvore, eh!!
Basically, I just wanted to share with y’all the nail polishes I am lovin’ this summer (summer lovin’), and yes they are all Essie because I swear they are the only nail varnish brand that releases new colours/shades for the seasons which are different every year?!
1. Shade: Bachelorette Bash – For me, this is the perfect hot-deep-bright-pink shade that just adds that perfect pop! to any outfit and is just a nice little girly touch. It is also the one out of the three which you can apply quickly and with only one coat and it still looks decent. You see, the thing with me and my nails is that I do quite like painting them but I am SO SO SO impatient and if I can get away with only applying a single coat then I will.
2. Shade: Sunday Funday – Can anyone ever go the summer without wearing either coral nail varnish or coral lippy??! Personally, I don’t think so! This particular shade is soft and has a nice glittery shimmer to it which I think just makes it much more fab! I also love the name of it!
3. Shade: Muchi, Muchi – When it comes to pale shades like this I REALLY struggle to apply it nicely without it going all sticky and gross, and I don’t know why! It is most likely my technique or the fact I don’t wait long enough in between coats and apply too thick coats BUT ANYWAY, with this Essie one it isn’t as bad as past experiences w/other brands etc. Also, as I am rather (extremely) pale and the shade is too light it looks a wee bit ridiculous but again this one just seems to work for me. The shade is lovely, dainty and perfectly feminine.
Let me know if there are any other shades I should check out!! & I hope you are having the most looooovely weekend so far!!!

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