Adventure: Durdle Door

On Sunday Al and I decided to head down to Durdle Door which is just over an hours drive from where we live, after seeing a few people on our Facebook’s sharing glorious pictures of the destination. I had never been and Alex hadn’t been since he was at school so we thought ‘why the hell not’.

Once we parked we followed the huge crowds of people down the very steep and very slippery stoney track. Once we got to the bottom the sights were just breath-taking.


You could then go down more steps to get down on to the beach but my anxiety was rather bad that day so I didn’t go down due to fear, but Al did and I stayed at the top taking snapchats! He took my camera down with him and captured what he saw:


Once he came back up we went aaalllll the way back up the steepest hill towards the car. We were annoyed there wasn’t anywhere to get fish and chips which we thought would be a given at this kind of attraction! So we just sat on the hill getting our breath back and taking a few more windswept snaps before heading home and getting a cheeky ol’ McDo on the way.




(Al won’t be happy that I’ve uploaded these close ups…BUT I adore them!!! No matter how windswept he was)



Hope you all had a glorious weekend too & wishing you a good start to the new week and new month! Happy August!!


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