NEW IN • Summer Candles

Hey and welcome back!

Lately, I have been loving burning candles even though the weather is warm. I never used to burn candles inside in the summer, but in Autumn and Winter, I burn them ALL the time.

I took a little shopping trip at the beginning of the month for my sis’s birthday and went into the Yankee Candle shop and picked out these 3 beautiful, summery scents.

Summer Peach, Peony and Summer Scoop, and honestly they all smell so amazing!! I am actually burning the Summer Peach and Peony as I type!

Summer Peach is super sweet and lovely, Peony is as you’d imagine, floral and fresh, and Summer Scoop smells sweet and indulgent. Also, they are all gorgeous pink shades which I think is another important factor when buying candles, they’ve got to look good too!!

Just want to add how much I am loving these Carnations which Al bought me! They are so pretty and feminine and go perfectly with these candles. (bonus!)

Hope you all have a divine start to your week and it’s full of prettiness and happiness!




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