Birch Box • April 

For me, April’s Birch Box was not very interesting for me hence why I haven’t shared it with you yet, but my last Birch Box post was so popular I thought I might as well as some of you might be interested in the products I received.

(From left to right)

  1. Benefit Cosmetics • They’re Real! Mascara – If you haven’t heard of this mascara or even used it before, then where have you been?! This mascara is raved about on the majority of blogs. Now, I do like it but it is not my favourite mascara and for the price there are definitely better ones out there. Though, I was in the need for a new mascara so thanks, Birch Box!
  2. PARLOR by Jeff Chastain • Detangling Leave in Conditioner – Leave in conditioners are not my style so I haven’t tried this product. I must edit my Birch Box preferences so I don’t get as many hair products!
  3. Cynthia Rowley Beauty • Black Eyeliner – I was rather thankful for this product as I was about to purchase a new black pencil eyeliner. I don’t use them that much but they do come in handy. I found it lasts for AGES and is easy to apply as well as being smudge resistant. It is pretty great as great as eyeliners get.
  4. Nuxe • Huile Prodigieuse – Not gonna lie, when I first saw this I thought it was a perfume, but it’s not. I reached for the leaflet in the box and it is actually an oil for your skin. It is filled with six essential oils including sweet almond, hazelnut, and macadamia, reparative plant oils and vitamin E. the leaflet says it ‘adds a healthy dose of hydration and a velvety sheen wherever you need it’.
  5. Kueshi • Foot Care Cream – I already have a foot cream which I love so I wasn’t expecting to find another one as great, however, this one is pretty good though not as good as my holy grail Soap and Glory one. But none the less this is still good!

I’m hoping this month’s Birch Box is going to be a little more exciting!

P.s I have a new Instagram account, you can find it here


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