Hello May • 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome, May!

April was a very busy, exciting and happy month for me. It was Al’s birthday, my birthday, I finished and handed in my dissertation and been really focused on finished up my other university assignments, which is why I haven’t been blogging. Now I just have revision left to do for my exam on May 9th & then I am completely done with university (YAY, YAY, YAY!) Well that is if I pass everything…god I hope so!

For my 21st birthday, Al had a surprise which he had planned since January, and it was so amazing. He booked us a night in one of the hideaway tree houses at the Chewten Glen. It was so beautiful, so romantic and juts oh so amazing. I got so many other amazing presents from my family too and I am just so grateful for them all.

Yesterday Al and I drove just over 2 hours to Bluewater shopping centre in Kent for the first time. Oh my god, it was wonderful! I have never been somewhere with so many decent shops. I didn’t actually buy any clothes but did buy a lot of other bits and bobs which I am planning on sharing with you soon.

As I spent a lot of April focusing on uni work and accomplishing a lot and only have a few uni commitments left I am happy to get back  into the swing of blogging throughout May. I spent this afternoon doing some shoots which I am excited to share with you all.

May is looking fresh and bright and I am more than ready for finishing university and new beginnings.


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