Top 10

Featured Image: My own – Taken in Bath

  1. Visiting Steve
  2. Adventuring with half the fam and finding some cute shops
  3. New Pug notebook – it is too cute & I laaaaav it
  4. Starting the mornings with a smoothie – delicious
  5. Adventuring with Al on Saturday in Bath – Blog post coming this week
  6. Having a whole Saturday with Al and just loving every second of it (I’m working all weekend for the next seven weeks and it is going to suck ass)
  7. Buying 7 bunches of flowers – literally had the best time picking these out and even enjoyed the crazy looks I got when walking up the street. Safe to say I am OBSESSED. Though, I have to admit the majority were for my incredible Momma for Mother’s Day (I don’t have that much spare space in my bedroom haha)
  8. Celebrating Mother’s day with the fam in the eve, though super gutted I couldn’t be there for the lunch as I had to work all day 😦
  9. Re-discovering my love for Cherryade
  10. Having THE BEST Indian for din dins yesterday – in memory of Al’s momma who sadly passed away 13 years ago and it also happened to be her birthday on mother’s day too. Hope you partied hard up there Flower!

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