Hello March • 2016

Image above – my own

Welcome to the second edition of hello new month! 

Obviously, February has gone quick, after all, it is the shortest month of the year – but it did go A LOT quicker than I expected it to. Overall it was quite stressful and overwhelming due to the fact I am coming up to finishing my degree and there is a lot of pressure on. And I have found myself not attending many lectures. Though I honestly do not feel bad about this because everything they teach in the lectures I can easily teach myself at home as all the materials and lecture slides is available online. I also feel that the lecturers don’t give the lectures and seminars anything extra than what I can get online. As I do commute to uni, I feel I might as well teach myself the material as the bottom line is, I don’t learn anything from the lecturers themselves. – Kind of turned into a bit of a rant, sorry about that.

Even though I have been stressed this month I have also had some really positive weeks, which is good.

As for March, I am excited for the arrival of spring (March 20th, not today as some people seem to think), which means I can get hands on in my garden and get planting and re-decorating the garden – YAY! For me, March also sees me through the last 4 weeks of my last semester of uni (hell yes!). I cannot wait to get out of that place and finally be free! After this semester, I have 4 weeks off and then have to go back in to hand in my last few assignments and to take an exam, which I am shitting myself for, and then (if I pass) I am done, done, done!

Here’s to a flower-filled, happy moments, and adventurous March!


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