Top 10

Feature Image (above) – My own

  1. Burgers w/ friends on Wednesday at 7-bone – they were INCREDIBLE
  2. New episode of PLL was worth the wait
  3. Having Al look after me when my anxiety got bad…don’t know what I’d do without him
  4. Cheese and Tomato toastie – the only thing that makes uni worth while
  5. Friday night in w/ Al
  6. Worked both days on the weekend – but it went super quick
  7. Our local pub got re-furbished and after about a billion years changed their menu…they now finally do burgers which mean me and Al can go there more often! (I am the biggest burger lover)
  8. Got this bag with 20% off and I am in love with it
  9. started making smoothies for breakfast, and I’ve been feeling the benefits
  10. Al and I had a massive tidy up of the bedroom (we’re so obsessed with tidying/wiping everything with anti-bac wipes we could be on obsessive compulsive cleaners)

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