Pinterest • Style • Parisian

Today I wanted to share with you one of my latest Pinterest boards, Style • ParisianAfter reading a blog post by Charlotte over at Lottface, all about Parisian style and how to re-create it, I realised I already owned and loved a lot of the clothing mentioned, including a trench coat, striped tees and cut off jeans.

Naturally, after reading this, I headed straight to Pinterest to start a new board on this style, to gain more inspiration and to lust over the clothing. 65 pins later, I decided I wanted to share my favourite 5 pins with you…


I absolutely adore how casual but chic it is. It’s not stuffy or uncomfortable, its classic, minimalistic and simplistic, which is very me. Now I feel like I have more of an excuse when my boyfriend says ‘but you already have a billion striped tees’


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