Payday Wishlist • February

Payday wishlist


If you read my last top 10 then you are aware that I actually got paid last week. Normally i spend at least half of it before I’ve even got it, and the rest when I do. Though this month there hasn’t actually been anything I’ve been completely lusting over (which really isn’t normal for me). So I thought I’d flick through online and see if there was anything I like (and of course, I found something!)
I am so in love with denim at the moment, my jeans are my absolute go to these days when it used to be an A-line skirt and blouse (very Spencer Hastings, I know). As soon as I saw the pinafore dress I just thought, what a perfect way to mix up denim in a more feminine way.
Even though I adore these boots from Topshop, I cannot let myself buy them. Why? Because this A/W I have already bought 4 pairs of boots which I barely wear and I know the same will happen with these. – this is something I’m trying to stop doing, buying clothes/accessories that I will never wear. This past year I have been absolutely loving having a minimal wardrobe, with only a handful of clothes in there. I actually find it really refreshing getting rid of a load of clothes, to a charity of course.
I’ve wanted to try the Nars highlighter in Copacabana for a real long time now, but can I really justify the money when there’s a £4 one I already love?
As for the jumper, well you can never have enough cosy cream jumpers, can you?

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