Ted Baker • Lipstick & Nail Set

For Christmas (yes I cannot believe I’m doing a Christmas related post in Feb), I received this beautiful Ted Baker lipstick and nail varnish set. The colour scheme is so perfect, its fresh white and copper (my two favourites), and the lipstick shades match the nail varnish colours which I also love because if you know me, then you know I adore everything to match.

The thing I love about Ted Baker as a brand is that they always pay very close attention to detail. The lipstick caps slide on and off perfectly and have that satisfying click at the end, please don’t say I’m the only one who loves this? And the white T’s on the top with a rose gold background are the perfect touch.

The range of shades is so dreamy. They start with the perfect nude and end with the deepest plum and in between you have the prettiest pinks and the richest reds, which are definitely my favourite. The only flaw in these lipsticks is the round shape, I have found this makes them harder to apply to the lip. Though it can easily be solved with a lip brush.

Moving onto the nail varnish. Just like the lipsticks they look perfect down to every detail. They apply nicely to the nail and last about a week depending if you apply a base/top coat too. My favourite shade is definitely the taupe (3rd one in from the left).

Now my lips and nails can always match! Hooray to that.


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