Hello February • 2016

January has now left us and February is right on our doorsteps. Firstly, I hope you all had a wonderful January and secondly, I wish you all a very happy and bright February.

Let’s have a chit-chat about the month to come and the month that has been.

For me, January was quite a tiring month and generally I felt quite down about things and life in general. I think that is due to the fact I do put a lot of pressure on to myself about the whole new year nonsense of trying to be better at this and that and how everything needs to be perfect (you’ll soon learn that I am a bit of a perfectionist) but to be quite honest, it doesn’t matter!

This brings me onto one of my main focuses for not only Feb but for the rest of my life and that is, to be more positive. I don’t have a main career goal in life, my main ambition is to just be happy, and I do have MANY factors in life which I am so so happy and grateful for but I just find I get really down in the dumps sometimes due to having anxiety – but I AM going to work on this.

I am really looking forward to the flowers that bloom this month. Tulips are already out which are probably my favourite flower of all time (you’ll see that I say this about a lot of flowers..oops!) and the bulbs are sprouting for Blue Bells which are definitely one of my fav plants to have in the garden. I also feel that February is quite a calming month compared to January, so I’m looking forward to that. Finally, I am looking forward to the spring clothing season which launches this week for most high-street stores – YAY!

I just want to finish of this post with something I am going to introduce to my blog weekly. I got this idea from Taylor over at Grayaesthetic.com. She does a weekly ’10’ of anything that has inspired her or just generally made her happy that week. I think this is a GREAT idea to get more positivity in to my life. So, I’m going to start a weekly ‘Top 10’ – of anything positive/anything that made me smile/happy that week. These will go up on a Sunday so this week you’ll get two. Here is the one for yesterday:


  1. Having my Al – Al is my boyfriend of over 4 years now and he is just amazing. I will probably do this every week because he seriously is so incredible to me and looks after me like none else and I am SO grateful to have him in my life.
  2. Painting the bedroom – Me and Al spent the weekend re-painting our room. It used to be blue with a blue floral feature wall, but we gave this up because we found to down and to very bright and cheerful. So we have gone all over white. The bedroom is so much brighter and simplistic and I LOVE IT.
  3. Fresh tulips – tew beginnings
  4. This week I have chosen bright yellow and orange tulips.
  5. New month – new beginnings
  6. New copper fairy lights – I am so obsessed with copper and have been for a while now. This weekend I picked up some copper fairy lights for only £6!
  7. Dry weather
  8. My sister got engaged!
  9. I bought these new loafers from H&M and man, I’m in love
  10. I found the pefect mustard yellow jumper (also from H&M)




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