Hello and a very big welcome to samoxborrow.com!

The first post of a blog is always so hard to write and even harder to actually post. For me it’s a very crucial post which will give you all an insight into what this blog is going to be about and who I am.


My name is Samantha Oxborrow, but you can call me Sam. I have had many blogs in the past and have fell out-of-love with them and always felt like there was something missing and I just was not enjoying creating the content and keeping up with the blog as a whole. And then, the other day when creating, what is now Β the last post on my blogger account I realised what it was, and that is I just was not interested in the actual content I was persuading myself to post. – This blog was based around ‘fashion, beauty and more’, and even though I do have an interest in these subjects, it wasn’t enough to create a basis for a blog. I used to LOVE fashion and style until I started my fashion and business degree at the university of Winchester which has caused me so much stress that it has deterred me away from the industry. Beauty, on the other hand, I still have a strong passion for and actually have a post lined up; so that’s one thing you can expect to see on samoxborrow.com.


This is basically going to be a lifestyle blog (oh no not another one!), based on my interests which I hope you’ll be interested in too. As previously stated beauty will be an aspect as well as my other passions and interests which include gardening and flowers, music, books, interior design, food, places, people and probably a lot more! I know that’s a particularly vague list but something I did not want to do in my first post was setting limitations about what I will or will not post as I want to keep it as free and wide as possible.

Anyway, I have definitely rambled on too much now, so I shall hopefully see you in my next post!

Feel free to say hello and introduce yourselves in the comments!



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